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Satiating the Mobile Mania

Without a doubt, mobile devices have globally become a staple in our lives. And, app building is the recent big thing in the mobile world. i Mobile Fuze was formed with a view to serving this very necessity – the native customization of mobile websites and marketing platforms. An automation software does the magic – a grand Smartphone app is built without the user having to hire a programming pro! The apps build at i Mobile Fuze are supported in all major smartphones.
The design appetite of the i Mobile Fuze website was mega, unique and wanted us to put in a lot of effort and elbow grease – not that we don’t love doing it!



Prior to Creation

A website has to undergo refinements and fine-tuning many times before it is finally declared live. So, much like dressing up a mannequin before having the final word for any apparel design, our design team decided to first build up a detailed wiremap layout for the website. An HTML prototype helped us ditch those mountains of paper and endless annotations that usually follow.
The finalized blueprint looked exactly like the finished product, except that we had the liberty to change it as per our client’s feedback. This prototype saved us a lot of time and our client a heap of money.


With mobile browsing increasingly shadowing desktop and laptop browsing, a responsive design naturally becomes an obligation for every website. Rather than the expensive and time-consuming task of building specific apps for every mobile platform, we were all hell bent on crafting out one single website that would run flawlessly across every possible browser, device screen size and orientation.

The Homepage

Rather than a boring ‘about us’ section, we chose the Homepage to depict everything about the company and communicate with end-users – this was our prime target. Thus, a decision was made to keep it simple, yet informative without including too many links to other webpages within the site. We started with a section telling viewers what the company’s core function is, and went on to include other functions, features and advantages of using an i Mobile Fuze automation software. We even made room for a link directing to the pricing page to let the end user know about the company’s tariff and price plans.

The Result

And, finally, after fighting tooth and nail for the project, our hard work did pay off! We had successfully designed a well-formed website in all originality for the mobile app development company. The feather in the crown? – a delighted client, happy and positive about how everything had come together and an elated staff at WebBlast Media, celebrating away the achievement with cake and confetti!