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About the website

The website is of ASCENTE RISK MANAGEMENT, who provides educational services, mainly courses, classes, workshops, seminars, on ­job training , conferences in the field of risk management and appraising. It teaches the students how to tackle the hurdles of life, and also prepares them to face the toughest challenges of life. The logo of the website is “ASCENTE” in large letters with “RISK MANAGEMENT” below “ASCENTE” in smaller letters and diagonal lines running at an angle in the background.



A Blueprint of the Project

Before designing the website, or the logo; a thorough consultation was done with our client, so that we could make a blueprint of what they wanted. While designing the website, web­based technologies has been used like HTML.

Homepage Speaks About

Ascente Risk Management specializes in Risk Management services. The developers has used PHP­MySql with Apache as the web server and Zend as the scripting engine. It uses JavaScript for its scripting language. It has several tabs,which when clicked will take visitors to the required page. It also has a group of advisory panel which houses professionals, who can help in managing the risks and liability issues the most of the business houses faces today.

The Result

WebBlast Media has been designing and developing websites for global clients for over 10 years. It was indeed a huge achievement for us as we could successfully complete the project in time. For this particulat project our clients were very happy with the final output.They congratulated the whole WebBlast team for the remarkable work done.